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The Earthworm


AgriRevolution's world-first technology is set to fundamentally disrupt the way we grow food, by unlocking the full potential of farmers’ most valuable asset - the soil.

Profit boost. Farmers can grow much higher volumes and more nutritious food while saving water, reducing fertiliser use and sequestering carbon deep into the soil.

The Earthworm:

  • super charges crop yield and quality

by creating a larger fertile soil volume that enables deeper, denser root systems

  • extends productive life of orchards 

by ​​regenerating soil & pruning roots in existing orchards and vineyards - deferring replanting by years

  • reduces water & fertilizer needs

by creating larger, deeper, denser root systems

Carbon Smart. Our technology provides a unique opportunity to use productive farmland as a Carbon sink. The Earthworm can store Carbon deep in soil - reducing the carbon footprint of farming and boosting profits through carbon credits.

Kickstart fast transitions to regenerative farming. The Earthworm enables quick transitions to high yield regenerative practices & improves the potential of your soil long term. Contact us to find out more.



Our world-first technology creates a deep and homogenous fertile soil environment to foster larger, deeper, denser root systems, enabling:

Image by Fahd Khan

Increased Crop Yields

Image by Sean Foster

Less Fertilizer

Agricultural Spraying

Improved Natural Pest & Disease Resistance

Image by Brian Patrick Tagalog

Permanent Carbon Sequestration & Carbon Credits

Image by Markus Spiske

Water Savings & Drought Resistance

Angola pars.jpg

Growing More Food on Less Land

hands planting_edited.jpg

Climate Smart Farming towards Net Negative Carbon Footprint

Wheat Field

Higher Quality Produce


More Space for Ecological Restoration

What's next?

What's next?

Development. We have proven the agricultural benefits of our technology over more than 1,000ha with 4 early prototype generations. We also found (and patented) solutions for the challenges we encountered with these machines, culminating in a working electrically powered prototype, proving our solutions work and the power of our proprietary automated control system. We are currently finalising development of a commercial model Earthworm machine to take to market - watch this space!


Field Trials. Field trials are due to commence across a variety of crops and to pilot carbon storage. For more information about our trials and results, please contact us.  


Investment.  If you are interested investing in the future of climate-smart sustainable agriculture and wide-spread carbon sequestration, or want to learn more about our technology, business plan, market and investment opportunities, please contact us.

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